Multi-Line Slots

Online slot games, also known as 'slot machines', are increasingly popular in countries. It couldn't be easier to play in a slot, as we will see throughout this guide. However, even before choosing your preferred online slot, make sure you are playing in a casino with a license to operate in the Portuguese market.

Games of fortune and gambling, which include slots, are among the categories of online gambling and betting whose exploitation is authorized and regulated in Portugal. On the other hand, and according to the Game Inspection Regulation Service, the exploitation and practice of non-regulatory online gambling and betting are prohibited and can bring real headaches to players, so it is really important to make sure that you are playing in an online casino that has a legal license for that purpose.

How to play slots online

Basically, playing in an online slot is very simple. After choosing your favorite, you only have to place bets with virtual coins to spin the game reels. Any online slot will have a minimum of three reels. To spin them, after setting your bet, you will need to click on spin or “Spin”, in English. Then, the rollers will begin to turn until they stop. When this happens, depending on the combination of symbols that come out on the payline, players receive rewards. Payline means a virtual line in which players must obtain certain symbols in order to receive prizes, based on the bet that was previously placed.

The rules and terms of online slots

Online slots are very different from each other. Therefore, its rules also vary, but can always be consulted in the rules of the game. However, there are very specific terms that cover all online slots, almost always in English. Let us understand them, then:

Maximum and minimum bet: this is the minimum and maximum amount to place a bet. In some cases, bonuses and jackpots for a given online slot can only be activated through a maximum bet.

Bonus round: usually, getting a bonus means triggering new mini-games, inside the online slot, in which you can get more winnings.

Progressive jackpots: in a progressive jackpot slot, a small part of each bet placed is for the jackpot, which continues to grow until someone picks it up.

'Wild' symbols: symbols that can replace any other symbol that the online slot has to form winning combinations. However, these symbols will not replace the bonus and scatter symbols.

Jackpot: is that much desired prize that everyone wants to win. The jackpot is achieved when a certain combination of symbols on any of the paylines in the game.