Live Dealer Blackjack

To feel at a live casino without leaving the house, players like the live blackjack tables. Present in every good site that has an exclusive section of games in real time, they are very disputed. But do you know how a live game works and what are the rules for blackjack?

We not only explain all of this, but we also indicate the best games of the genre. Within a few lines, you will know everything you need, without messing around. So keep reading to absorb as much as possible about live blackjack.

The Basics: How and Where to Play Live Blackjack

When playing an offline game, among several table games in the Casino section, you stop whenever you want. That is, you can pause the game and make the next move hours, or days later. The biggest difference between live Blackjack and ordinary Blackjack Casino, then, is this. You will be dealing with people in real time, playing with other players and a real dealer. If you want to stop, you will have to end your entire game and enter another one later.

With that in mind, you need to find a good online gaming casino with enough variations. It may be that a simple traditional live casino game is sufficient. In this case, most online casinos will serve your purpose. We have several country casinos, tested and approved, with real time games. With that in mind, just log in and view the respective section where live blackjack will be. Generally, online casinos offer Evolution Gaming games.

You only need a registration to access the rooms. Without a deposit, you can watch for free and understand how it works. In addition, the games are almost always in English, but that is not a rule.

Understanding Live Blackjack RTP

When you select any game in a casino, the percentage of RTP usually comes. The RTP is the expected average return, or the percentage of the bet that generally recovers. In the case of live games, you take into account the live blackjack and side betting RTP. The traditional RTP is 99.28%, a very high and attractive value. But in casino games, we have side bets. These are side bets, which offer attractive prizes for bets that are outside the traditional style.

In this case, games offering Perfect Pairs have a RTP of 95.90% for that bet. The famous 21 + 3, which simulates poker within Black Jack, has 96.30%. With that in mind, just have a good idea of ??how to play live blackjack in your favor. This is possible through the use of the blackjack table, a strategy combined with counting. Based on it, you make more favorable decisions to win or avoid losing a lot.