Open your eyes and feel the smell ... What do you feel? Do you know how it smells like millions in the long run? That's exactly what you can create and make a reality when you visit and create an account in no time at Kaboo casino. Here dreams can become a reality without any fuss, and here you can also become SEK 10,000 richer in 5 minutes. How? Well, after you have created an account you can log in and take part in a so-called Relic that you receive as a thank you for your registration. This always gives you a guaranteed profit that can be cash, free spins or a jackpot of SEK 10,000. This is also non-turnover free so you can take it out immediately if you win it.

Although what really attracts tens of thousands of players to the Kaboo online casino is their unique gaming concept that is about completing different missions for different casino games so you can travel between planets and then between galaxies. When you succeed in doing this you get more Relics which in turn gives you more chances to win more cash, free spins or the golden turnover free jackpot of SEK 10,000. However, you can win ten times bigger jackpots if you play on the so-called progressive jackpot games found on this game site. Now, keep in mind that these can only be played with real money. It is no idea to think that your earned bonus money through the three deposits you can take advantage of will help you on the pile. You've been alerted now.

Different types of jackpots available

One thing about which there is nothing at all is Kaboo odds as the site is not a betting site or even has those kinds of features. Enough about it now. If you go to "GAMES" and then scroll down a bit you can see various subcategories such as "ALL GAMES", "NEW", "SLOTS" and so on. Scroll down and look carefully until you see something called "JACKPOTT". Click on it. So yes! Now you get a list of the 19 different jackpot games to choose from. An important thing to distinguish now are two different types of jackpot games available: 1) fixed jackpots and 2) progressive jackpots.

The former are jackpots with fixed profits, that is, the highest you can win as a jackpot. It usually amounts to a few thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of kronor. It can also go up to hundreds of thousands of kronor sometimes but very rarely a million kronor. To win such big winnings, you have to play on other types of jackpot games, namely the progressive jackpot games. These are the kind of Kaboo slots that you want to play on only if you want to win millions of dollars. Here, the winnings are growing all the time, ie the jackpot winnings, as long as no one has won it. This total profit is usually linked between several different online casinos owned by one and the same gaming company, which makes these online casinos the different gaming companies' subsidiaries. You do not need to know more than that there are several players on several different casino sites playing at the same time that these incredible jackpot winnings of several 10+ millions of kronor can grow and that can be won by any lucky bastard.