Bet Today

Bettoday is a gaming site that offers a little bit of each and that is of course something we are all grateful for! Sure, it is fun with gaming sites that have a more specific range, but when there is a bit of each, it becomes more fun! Their selection invites everyone and everyone can enjoy it, whether it is betting or casino you are craving to play.

Feeling and design

Bettoday has invested in giving us a site that feels pretty tough and a bit "macho". They are not alone in choosing this type of style, but we have seen that in other gaming sites as well. It is quite fitting to be met by some tough boxers and others who feel sporty in the lobby, because it is still true that the gaming site is actually called Bettoday.

They have succeeded with the design and we think it is both stylish and fresh. Furthermore, the fact that they have found good and suitable style in the pictures and the "theme" they have on the design makes it extra points for Bettoday!

Not just betting

Many people believe that gaming sites that have words like "bet" only offer odds and live odds, but that is rarely the case. There are lots of examples of sites that have this word in the name, but which also have a powerful range in, for example, casino games and lotteries. So you should not judge a game site by name, but you should always check in to see what they offer. If you do it at Bettoday you will understand what we mean!

Obviously, inviting their players to "bet today" and "screw tomorrow" can also cause many to assume that it is just betting and nothing else that one encounters here, but as soon as you check out what is hiding in the categories " Casino "and" Lottery "you understand that this is a gaming site that can make any player happy!


Are you wondering if you will get a bonus or not? Then we can immediately say that you can stop worrying! Here there are bonuses that suit you, whether you are a bettor or if you are a casino player.

This is not a neat gaming site, but it is in this way that you will be spoiled, remember! It's always fun when you get to play on a site that knows how to pamper your customers so we can't help but say hello to all of you who will start playing here!

Take advantage of the welcome bonus first and foremost and then you can expect that it will roll in a little else which will make it more advantageous for you to play. A generous casino is always preferred, so be sure to check out Bettoday so you can be sure to be part of receiving delicious bonuses!

Games at Bettoday

Playing at Bettoday means that you will get to enjoy some of the absolute best games on the market. Of course, it's not bad to know that this is what awaits you when you start playing with them, or what do you say?

Are you looking to play on a site that offers games in several different categories and that also offers quality games then you have ended up right! You will come across gambling categories such as odds, live odds, casino, live casino and lottery and within these main categories hide other gambling categories! Exciting, right?