Cards Games Online

Are you tired of the latest generation games and want to go back to having fun with the dear old card games on your computer? No problem, on the Internet there are numerous sites that offer the possibility to access card games for free without any type of registration. You are ready to brush up on the legendary Solitaire or Freecell, two of the most used games in the days of Windows XP when they were available by default in the Games section.

Below we offer an updated list of the best free online card games, to be used both on PC and Mac. The only necessary requirement, in fact, is to have an Internet connection and any browser. Those who wish can also use a mobile device (smartphone and tablet), however taking care to be connected to the Wi-Fi network and not to the data connection in order not to consume megabytes or - in the worst case - precious jigs of the Internet offer.


Among the classic free card games that you can play online, it is impossible not to mention Solitaire. Not everyone knows it, but Google itself offers us the opportunity to test our skills in what, according to many, is the most famous card game in the world. In fact, it is sufficient to open a browser such as Chrome or Safari, both on PC and Mac, type the Solitaire keyword and press the Play button.

After a few seconds a small central window appears, where we must select the desired game level from the Easy and Hard options. Once the difficulty of the game is set, everything is ready to start playing. By default, which we can't change, the deck returns one card instead of three. At the top there is the game time, the score (updated in real time) and the number of moves made.

If you win or lose nothing changes, since there are no bonuses or malus in the first or second case. One of the few features of the game is represented by the possibility of sharing the result obtained on social networks through the sharing buttons that appear on the screen immediately after the end of the game.


If you are looking for the free broom card game, we suggest you connect to this site. It does not require any registration or login to one of your social accounts to start playing. The opponent is the computer, it is not possible to challenge other users online.

It certainly does not stand out for its graphics, but it has the ability to engage people equally thanks to real broom cards. Positive judgment also on the level of play, neither too easy nor complicated. At the end of the game some windows appear that summarize the score made by each during the challenge, points that add up to the total present under the Game points box.