Hawaii Cocktails Slot

Posted on 20/12/2017 07:24

If your missing summer breezy mood you have the chance to taste it with a spin online on the Hawaii cocktail slot by SoftSwiss casinosoftware developer.

You can play it for free or for actual money.

This game has 5 reels, 9 pay-lines and includes 13 symbols that spins on a three-raw display.

The symbols include card signs 9, 10, Q, J, K, A and Hawaii vacation associated cocktail symbols, a Calibri symbol as a Scatter and a coconut cocktail as a Wild.

The slot is set on a beautiful beachy landscape and while playing you can enjoy the sound of ukulele playing.

There are five buttons to make it easy to control the game as you wish.

LINE COUNT button to control the pay-line number from 1 to 9.
MAX BET button to set maximum bet allowed.
AUTO SPIN button that set the reels to spin without interruption. You can set the properties of the Auto Spin button from the settings panel in the upper right corner of the game.
BET VALUE button allows  to set the size ot the betting coin from 0.1 to 1.
And there is a SPIN button so you can start the reels to spin when you are ready setting your bet.

March 22, 2018


You can’t even imagine how hooked up I was with this slot. Now Hawaii cocktails slot brings me back good memories.

February 24, 2018


Very nice slot, I constantly see myself coming back to this Hawaii cocktails slot.

February 19, 2018


Usually I like slots developed from SoftSwiss. Hawaii cocktails slot is not an exception.

February 3, 2018


Like :)))

February 2, 2018


I play Hawaii cocktails with the sound on, the music is soothing :D

February 2, 2018


It’s good you can play it for free…we need casinos with free games on slots too.

January 30, 2018


The only special thing about the Hawaii cocktails slot is the theme

January 25, 2018


Good this is a casino slot for free play too, that way you will know if you want to play it for money

January 25, 2018


Kind of boring for me, I prefer other online casino slot machines

January 23, 2018


Entertaining and profitable

January 23, 2018


I’ve seen better slots but I still play Hawaii cocktails sometimes

January 20, 2018


Once you get the hang of it you can win good coins ;)

January 19, 2018


I haven’t seen this slot around, maybe I’m not visiting the right casinos?

January 19, 2018


Nice slot. I recommend it :)

January 18, 2018


I know softswiss software are relatively new and they´re doing good so far. I find this Hawaii cocktails slot great.

January 18, 2018


Great slot, entertaining and profitable ;)

January 15, 2018


Thanks to your explanation of the Hawaii cocktails slot I can understand the way it works better now...:)

January 12, 2018


I tried playing this hawaii cocktails slot for free and I’m ready to involve some actual money

January 11, 2018


I used to play this but not anymore,can someone share his favorite casino slot game?

January 9, 2018


Hi guys,has anybody played Hawaii cocktails I really want to hear an opinion

January 9, 2018


Sounds interesting, I’ve never played this Hawaii cocktails slot, but I want to try it