Game Of Thrones Slot

Posted on 20/12/2017 08:33

Game of Thrones definitely is one of the most watched TV series of all times. Fans are never disappointed when the new season drops, although they wait for over a year for it to air.

Well, wait no more fans, because the online Game of Thrones Slot is here!

Microgaming is a software development company and thanks to them you can now side with your favorite House in Westeros. You can either join the House of Stark, Lannister, Baratheon or Targaryen and fight for the Iron Throne against the other three.

Throughout all the online game of thrones slot game you will be listening to the catchy theme song of the series. That is a guarantee that you will get even more excited and eager to win.

The game is a 5 reel slot game and can be played 2 different ways. The first way is the classic 15 paylines slot. You can also play it on its 243 way alternative version. It doesn’t matter which way you choose to play. Be certain that you will get a lot of surprises.

·       Game of thrones slot machine tips

In the online game of thrones slot game you have to have a combination of 3 to 5 symbols in a row in any of the paylines. If you do, your game will result in a win.

Tips we can give you: be sure to match 3 to 5 symbols of the following:

-          The J and Q symbols pay the lowest. Five Jacks or five queens will get you 40 coins.

-          The K and A are the Kings and Aces and if you manage to put the Kings or the Queens together you will receive 60 coins.

-          House Stark – if you manage to get 5 of their crests in a playline in the game you will receive 175 coins.

-           House Lannister – For 5 of their crests in a row you will get paid 200 coins.

-          House Targaryen – They will pay you the least of all the houses 150 coins if you put 5 of their crests together in a pay line.

-          Wild Symbol – This symbol is the game of thrones logo. This symbol takes the place of any symbol you might be missing across any pay line or winning combination.

-          Scatter Symbols – This symbol is the Iron Throne. If you get 3 or more of these symbols together you will start the free spin bonus rounds.

·       Game of thrones bonus

There are a lot of bonuses in the online game of thrones slot. If you get 3 or more of the scatter symbols together you will start the free bonus rounds. After that you will have to choose between the four Houses. You should know the following:



Lannister House

Baratheon House

Stark House

Targaryen House

Free Spins










Stacked Symbols






After the game ends you can try your luck and play further. You will have to select heads or tails on a coin. If you manage to choose the right side of the coin then you will double your winning. The Gamble feature has 4 different stages: the white walker, the direwolf, the dragon and the 3-eyed raven.

·       Game of thrones slot jackpot

Playing the online game of thrones slot you can win up to 605 000 £. Of course, it all comes down to what you bet.

Hop into the world of ice and fire and you will not be disappointed.  

March 29, 2018


The most overrated slot I’ve ever experienced. That is what the Game of Thrones slot is for me. They could have tried hard to make it better…

February 22, 2018


I’m all about slots and if it’s a game of thrones ones even better!

February 14, 2018


It better be as great as the series!!

February 14, 2018


This is the slot a I reach to the most. Like it.

February 14, 2018


This slot must be a magnet for game of thrones fans :D Not a fan of the series but the slot is playable

February 3, 2018


I see the opinion on this slot are contradictory, I guess I’ll have to try myself and see if it’s worth it

February 3, 2018


Usually Microgaming develop great games but I didn’t really like this one. Maybe I was expecting more just because it’s called Game of Thrones?

February 2, 2018


Good job Microgaming! The game of thrones slot is awesome

February 2, 2018


I don’t understand the complaints. I like it

January 30, 2018


I won a lot playing the game of thrones slot game. Free spins are available.

January 30, 2018


GoT series is great, not so sure about the slot

January 25, 2018


OMG, how have I missed this?!There’s a game of thrones slot game and I didn’t know it. I have to play it now

January 23, 2018


Honestly, I was expecting more..but it’s ok I guess

January 22, 2018


I was expecting the appearance of the characters from game of thrones, didn’t happen. However, good slot.

January 22, 2018


I didn´t win almost anything. I´m not sure if I’ll try again.

January 19, 2018


Great way to attract game of thrones fans. Good job Microgaming! It’s a good slot!

January 19, 2018


Game of thrones is the most watched TV series and now it’s going to be the most played

January 15, 2018


I’m simple. I see game of thrones, I click. I see Microgaming, I play.

January 12, 2018


Looking forward to trying this slot and I’m ready to get the surprises I just hope they are good ones.

January 12, 2018


The game of thrones theme song is really catchy I can’t stop playing this slots

January 11, 2018


Microgaming don’t disappoint they always offer awesome slots and wide range of casino games

January 11, 2018


After all the time I have been playing and there is still casino games I haven't even tried.

January 11, 2018


wow…Nice magnet for game of thrones fans who want to try casino games

January 10, 2018


Thanks for sharing the game of thrones casino game, I have to try it

January 9, 2018


Hahaha well everybody is crazy about game of thrones.I’ve played this slot and it is awesome

January 9, 2018


Many people all around the world talk about this TV series I have never seen it but I will give this game of thrones slot a try

January 8, 2018


I just want to say that I tried this game of thrones slot game and I recommend it to other gamblers